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After being diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer, I could have let it turn my life upside down, instead I showed it who was boss.

Being pragmatic and someone who likes to be in control of my life, I wanted to be the one to decide when my hair was to go, not the cancer or chemo, so I shaved my head. I want to inspire others to take control and embrace the change. Be brave, be bald and be beautiful.

So I had a bit of fun re-enacting the famous Demi Moore scene from G.I.Jane. Let's be clear, I am not kidding myself here, I am no Demi, but I want to show that power and beauty comes from within. (Massive thank you CH who filmed this for me on green screen, they did an amazing job). You can watch my 'G.I.Jo Head Shave' below.

I also wanted to create a website which I hope inspires others that are faced with cancer, to be positive and take it head on. It isn't easy, but I am a firm believer that life is what you make it. I could have cried in a corner, instead I said 'bring it on'. Thankfully I have come out the other side. By sharing my stories of what to expect and how I dealt with things, I really hope it gives you insight and courage too


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